CFM Racefiets Carbon 700C LW R9 2*11S Blauw 56cm

CFM Racefiets Carbon 700C L-TWOO-9 2*11S Blauw 56cm

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CFM Racefiets Carbon 700C LW R9 2*11S Blauw 56cm

CFM 700C L-TW R9, 2×11 road bike with carbon frame, fork and seatpost

This is a lightweight cyclocross bike with a carbon frame , fork and seatpost. Thanks to the use of lightweight carbon and aluminum components, the weight of the entire bike is only 9.2 kg , while reliable components guarantee thousands of kilometers.

The CFM 700C 2×11 is no ordinary bike. Why?

  • First, the CFM cyclist has a strong, stiff, vibration-absorbing carbon frame , making it lightweight and allowing you to be even faster and stronger.
  • Second, good quality components and proven engineering solutions make the CFM bike reliable and safe for thousands of miles.
  • Third, the attractive appearance ; it is simply impossible to let your beautiful bike pass by indifferently.
  • Fourth - great value for money .

Carbon frame, fork and seatpost

CFM bike has a solid yet lightweight frame made from the latest generation of carbon fiber. The lightness of the carbon frame makes off-road rides less tiring and you go faster .

The CFM carbon frame is made from the highest quality Japanese carbon fiber, making the CFM 700C 2×11 road bike very light yet very strong .

The carbon fiber components are very light - the carbon frame weighs only 1100 grams, the fork about 400 grams and the seat post only 135 grams. quoted: ""Apart from the lower weight , carbon has a much better stiffness , so all the energy put into pedaling is converted into speed, and is not absorbed by the frame. Carbon frames absorb vibrations caused by uneven roads a lot . better - it gives us more comfort , but also allows us to go faster on poorer quality roads.

Carbon forks are lighter, but also much better at absorbing vibration from impact and are stiffer - this is why carbon forks are much easier to choose by buyers.""

All frames are designed by CFM's R&D department in Germany , so they are of excellent quality.

L-TWOO 700C 2×11 derailleurs and shifters

The new L-TWOO 700C 2×11 derailleur is the most attractive and durable 22-speed component ever. The L-TWOO group with its stylish and simple design is aimed at sports and recreational cyclists . Now, by integrating technology from higher accessory groups, novice cyclists and casual cycling enthusiasts can experience the thrill of sporty riding offered by products in the L-TWOO 700C 2×11 22-speed group.

The L-TWOO 700C 2×11 derailleur system is an excellent choice for fast shifting and smooth riding.

Attractive design

The CFM L-TWOO 700C 2×11 rider looks great. The aerodynamic shape , high-taper wheels, profiled handlebars and beautiful colors are an eye- catcher . The innovative design combines modernity and class.

For even better aerodynamics, a flattened handlebar and strongly tapered wheels were used. The wiring of gears and brakes is placed in a carbon frame , which also protects the cables against dirt.

Thanks to these solutions , the bike looks great . It's impossible to walk past your new bike indifferently. You will enjoy your purchase for a long time.

Lightweight construction

The components used on the CFM L-TWOO 700C 2×11 road bike are reliable and lightweight . As a result, the weight of the entire bicycle is only 9.2 kg . The frame as well as the fork and seatpost are made of carbon fiber . The handlebars, steering bridge and high-taper wheels are in turn made of aluminum . This keeps the weight of the bike to a minimum. Riding the 700C 2×11 is pure pleasure.

The CFM L-TWOO 700C 2×11 is an all-rounder

The CFM L-TWOO 700C 2×11 is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an all-round road bike , whether for long tours, demanding training, recreational rides with friends or for the first start in road racing. This model has everything you need to ride the way you want and start your cycling adventure on the road . The lightweight carbon frame provides a great foundation for expansion as your skills develop and your needs grow.

A carbon frame, vibration-absorbing fork and seatpost, aerodynamic handlebars and wheels and an attractive design are all reasons to choose a CFM bike.

Aero handlebars and wheels with 40 mm high taper

The specially shaped aerodynamic handlebar made of aluminum increases driving comfort even more.

Aerodynamic steering benefits:

  • flattened, aerodynamic design cuts air better for even better performance;
  • The ergonomic shape provides more surface area for your hands to support the bike for more control;
  • Better support means more comfort on long rides and a more confident handling of the bike;
  • Attractive, professional appearance.

High-taper 40mm wheels give more stiffness and better aerodynamics . The taller, softer rounded cone allows the wheel to cut through the air much more smoothly at higher speeds .

The bike is almost completely assembled

The CFM 700C 2×11 bike arrives safely packaged and almost fully assembled. Placing the front wheel and mounting the handlebars, seatpost and pedals is simple and intuitive . You will be up and running in no time and after a quick assembly you will be ready to enjoy a fun and fast ride .

In addition - in the package you will find all the necessary tools to set up and maintain your CFM road bike. We include them for free for your convenience.


We'll send you an ultra-light water bottle cage for free! Feel free to view the bottle holder on our site!

Do you have questions? View the FAQ section or the technical specifications. We are always there for you!Technical Specifications:Frame size: 47cm/50cm/53cm/56cmUser size 47 cm: 159-165 cmUser size 50 cm: 166-170 cmUser size 53 cm: 171-178 cmUser size 56 cm: 178-185cmWhere do we ship the bikes from?

We ship your bike and accessories directly from our warehouse. The shipment is done by DPD or DHL.

When will I get the bike?

After you place your order, the bike will be ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Most orders are ready to ship the next business day.

The bikes have yet to be assembled. Which parts still need to be assembled?

Right. Due to transport, it is not possible to ship the bicycle 100% assembled. The following parts (front wheel, handlebars, seatpost and pedals) should still be installed. The complete assembly is easy. If you have any questions about the assembly, please feel free to contact us.

What is the size of the box with the bike?

We pack the bike in a safe, thick cardboard box with the following dimensions:

Road bike - 130x20x70 cm

folding bike - 80x68x37 cm

Electric folding bike - 90x73x40 cm

MTB bike - 138x75x22 cm

I am not familiar with assembling the motor and I have no tools to do it. Can I assemble the bike myself?

Yes! Assembling the bike is a simple and quick process. We have put a short instruction in the box.

How long is the warranty on the motor?

2 years. Within these 2 years, you can contact us at any time if you notice any defects or need technical advice.

How can I make a warranty claim or return the bike for repair?

The process is simple. Contact us. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. We will arrange a transport company to collect the bike from you. After the repair, the bicycle will be sent to you immediately.

Any problems related to the bike, we will solve it quickly and as quickly as possible, because we appreciate your time.

I don't know the brand. Why have I heard so little about the brand?

Precisely. The engines were introduced in Europe only 2 years ago. However, the manufacturer has many years of experience in making bicycles with carbon frames and supplies to major bicycle companies.

Why should I believe in this manufacturer? What distinguishes the brand from its competitors?

We only select the best manufacturers who offer good quality at a fair price.

We get a good price through our purchase quantity and pass this saving on to you. We sell over the internet without higher sales commissions from platforms like Amazon and Ebay or rental fees. That is why it is possible for us to reduce costs. And of course we pass that on to you. The bikes offer high quality parts and modern technology to

If you don't find the answer to your questions here, send us a short message ( )! We will try to answer and help you as soon as possible.


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